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Envelope Lining

Custom Envelope Lining

Extended Flap Lining

Extended Envelope Flap Lining

Interior Lining

Interior Envelope Lining
  • The individuality of each liner authenticates the skill and craftsmanship of "Hand Lining Envelopes"

Lining the inside of envelope flaps has always been considered the "crème de la crème" of social stationery and invitations. The liners can be a complimenting paper color, a printed paper liner, tissue paper and in some cases a cloth material. Envelopes to be lined can be either square flap or pointed flap envelopes. The liner can be full liner (the entire inside of the envelope) or a patch liner which goes just past the throat opening of the envelope. At Exclusive we have also developed the "Extended Liner." This liner extends beyond the normal flap and can also have a strip of glue applied for ease of envelope sealing. At Exclusive we offer many options to make your envelopes stand above the rest.