What is a Beveled Edge?

The term Beveling refers to the technique of taking a heavy, thick paper and cutting the edges at a 45° angle. After determining the finished size, shape, substrate and thickness, our skilled workers individually and meticulously cut a bevel edge on each sheet. The corners can be left square or they can be rounded. Rounded beveled corners tend to be easier to insert in envelopes and are less susceptible to nicks and damage during mailing.

The individuality of each sheet authenticates the skilled craftsmanship of “Beveling”

what is beveling

Our newest bevel is our “Contour Bevel.” The beveled edge follows a pre-designed shape around the perimeter of the invitation. This contoured bevel can be as ordinary as a circle, oval or geometric pattern. Or the contour can be ornate and elegant with curves, arcs and bends. We have several patterns to choose from or you can submit your custom designed pattern for us to follow. We are honored and proud to have won a 2012 “Louie Award” for our “Contour Bevel.”

Beveled Edge – Bevelled Corners

Once all edges have been beveled our inspectors then examine each piece for accuracy and smoothness. If needed, the edges can be lightly sanded to remove any imperfections to create a smooth, dust free surface on the beveled edge. Once the edges have been properly prepared you have the option of leaving the beveled edge plain (the natural color of the paper) or coloring the beveled edge.

Double Beveled

Choosing the right paper on which to bevel depends on the final desired effect. The thicker the paper the more of the bevel will show. If an uncolored bevel edge is desired, there are many paper grades available up to 2, 3, or 4 ply board, or even heavier. Most are solid color throughout so when the edge is beveled you have a uniform color on the beveled edge. Keep in mind the thicker the paper, the fewer options you have for printing on a substrate this heavy.

bevelled corners


What is a beveled edge? Check out these examples of beveling

The individuality of each sheet authenticates the skilled craftsmanship of “Beveling”

Small orders require 3-5 working days. Rushes, including same day, are available for an additional charge.


  • As with all our hand finishing services, surface preparation of any piece is critical.
  • When sending jobs to us for beveling the overall sheet must be at least ½” larger, on all sides, than the desired finished size.
  • The beauty of letterpress or engraving is the “bruising” on the back of the sheet. The downside is that you can’t print the front and back of a sheet. With pasting you can print one sheet for the front, one sheet for the back and then paste them together or add a filler sheet in between.
  • For coloring the beveled edges, we have numerous colors in stock or can match any PMS color.