Hand Border

Hand Border Application

Hand Border is the application of a fine line of color added to the outside edges of a sheet of paper or cover stock. This colored border can be added to 1, 2, 3, or all 4 sides of the sheet. Depending on the customer’s preference, the width of the border can be from “hairline” to over 1/8th of an inch wide. It is also commonly applied as a “double border” where two different complementing colors overlapping each other are applied.

Envelopes too can have a hand border to make a striking matching ensemble. As a rule, this is normally done so during the envelope manufacturing process. Exceptions to this rule can be made but please contact us first.

As with all our hand finishing services, the surface preparation of the piece is critical. We must first obtain an ultra-smooth, clean and dust free edge. Once all sheets have been accurately trimmed smooth and are clean and dust free, can we then begin to hand border.

Hand Bordering
Hand Border

Single Border

Using their “tools of the trade” our trained artisans meticulously fan out by hand each sheet or card to the desired width or “border” onto specially designed boards. Extra care must be taken when fanning as each subsequent step of the operation must guarantee that all edges stay straight, clean and evenly spaced. Once the color has been matched each sheet is carefully colored paying particular attention to proper coverage and color consistency. The boards are then staged where the finishes “cure,” await inspection and are then gathered and the process is repeated.

Single Border
Double Border

Double Border

Whether you’re looking for Shimmering Golds, Stately Copper or Brilliant Silver to enrich invitations or announcements or perhaps a soft pastel to dress up your favorite stationery, or maybe a regal shade to match a more traditional ensemble, your choice of colors is only limited by your imagination. We stock many colors but can also custom match any color to your specifications.

The individuality of each sheet authenticates the skilled craftsmanship of “Hand Bordering”

Small orders require 3-5 working days. Rushes, including same day, are available for an additional charge.


  • We can work with your paper or we can furnish the stock.
  • We must work with the finished size sheet when hand bordering.
  • A clean, dust free edge is imperative to assure a clean, crisp border.
  • We can cut your paper to size from full size sheets or final trim your pre-printed sheets.
  • We have numerous colors in stock but can also match any PMS color.