The process we call ParchTiquing is actually a combination of our Hand Bordering, Deckle Edging, and a controlled “Burning” or “Searing” of the edges of paper. The final effect simulates the age old look of parchment where the edges are torn, tattered, crisp, and browned by age.

The paper is first cut, stacked, blocked, and clamped. Then after cutting and carving the edges to get a “rough sawn” effect, they are fanned out, by hand, on treated, non flammable boards. With heating elements the edges are carefully burned to give it an aged look. Once burned they are then coated to harden the surface and help keep the burned edges from flaking off.

Today, there are many papers available that imitate parchment or have a finish or color to them that lend themselves well to applying a burnt or seared edge to replicate the look of aged parchment.

Caution: Items that have been digitally printed before we ParchTique them may discolor. Please call for more information regarding digitally printed items.

The individuality of each sheet authenticates the skilled craftsmanship of “ParchTiquing”

Small orders require 3-5 working days. Rushes, including same day, are available for an additional charge.


  • Text weight and lighter cover weight stocks work best for ParchTique.
  • Due to cutting, carving and burning, about 1/16” is lost on each side to be ParchTique.
  • Because we actually burn the edges, a very slight sooty residue may be noticeable.
  • As with hand deckled items, care should be taken when running through your laser printer or copier. We recommend single sheet feeding and always run a few test sheets first.