In early paper making, a series of molds, or wooden frames with a wire mesh, were dipped into a vat of “pulp” to begin the paper making process. 


The top part of this frame was called the “deckle” and as the worker removed the mold from the vat the surplus water would drain and the top part of this frame (the deckle) would keep the fibers from washing away. Some of the thinner pulp would inevitably flow under the deckle causing slightly ragged edges. These ragged edges became known as “Deckles”. Today, our skilled workers use a variety of specially designed tools to grind, carve, cut, scrape and brush by hand the edges of the papers to create the torn or ragged edge we refer to as a “deckle edge”.

Deckling | Deckle Edge

For our discerning customers, we offer two styles of deckle edges. Our heritage deckle is finely cut and carved into the edge of the paper then brushed and smoothed to create a ragged looking deckle edge. To create our feather deckle the edges of the sheet are delicately severed to create a more subtle torn or frayed edge. To further enhance either of these deckles a single or double border can be applied to add color and pizzazz.

Feather Deckled Edges
Heritage Deckled Edge

The weight (thickness) of the paper you choose, the fiber content, finish, grain direction, and even the color of the “hand bordering” all factor into the varied contours and final appearance of the deckle. When selecting paper, your higher cotton content papers tend to give you a deeper, “softer”, more “supple” look. Your smooths, satins, bristols and even some vellums lend themselves to a more defined but “clean” and “crisp” appearance.

Our newest enhancement is a deckle edge which creates a three dimensional visual effect. We create this deckle edge by “infusing” a colored sheet of your choice to create this 3 ply sheet with an attractive, functional deckled edge. This 3 ply sheet is perfect for letterpress printing, embossing, foil stamping, even engraving. The Infused Deckle can also be added to your special projects using offset printing or digitally printed images. This value added embellishment is tactile and is perfect for adding visual enhancement to Stationery Items, Business Cards, Wedding Invitations, Announcements, Bar Mitzvahs, etc. Color coordinate this unique deckle with the envelope color or even the envelope liner and create the smartest ensemble at your next event event. 

Infused Deckle


Check out these examples of Deckling and a Deckle Edge.

The individuality of each sheet authenticates the skill and craftsmanship of “Hand Deckle Edging”

Small orders require 3-5 working days. Rushes, including same day, are available for an additional charge.


  • We can work with your paper or we can furnish the stock. 
  • During the deckling process we lose about 1/16″ in the overall dimension of your piece. We recommend you make allowances for this in your design.
  • We can trim your job to the size required for deckling or you can furnish it cut to size.
  • Deckle edged paper runs fine through most copiers and laser printers but we recommend single sheet feeding and always run a few test sheets first.
  • Pads or book blocks can also be hand deckled but special handling is required.
  • For coloring the deckle edge we have numerous colors in stock or we can match any PMS color.