Edge Coloring

Most are familiar with the gold or silver edging on the pages of bibles. This is commonly known as gilding and is accomplished using heat and gold foil. Here at Exclusive Bordering Company we simulate this process and call it Edge Coloring. It has also been referred to as faux gilding, edge tinting, edge painting or edge inking. With Edge Coloring we are not limited to gold, silver or metallic colors. Our craftsmen can apply any color from jet black to the lightest pastels. From white to glitters. These finishes can be applied onto the edge of almost any sheet, card, pad or book. We even color the edges of acrylic which can give you a really funky looking invitation.

As with all our hand finishing services, the surface preparation of the piece is critical. We must first obtain an ultra smooth, clean and dust free edge. Once all sheets have been accurately trimmed smooth and are clean and dust free, can we then begin the edge coloring process.

Edge Coloring
Color Edging

Our unique process enables us to not only apply color to square or straight edges, but also to most any size, shape or contour. We are able to Edge Color squares, rectangles, circles, ovals, beveled edges, even designer shapes like scalloped edges.

The Edge Coloring, however slight, on a sheet of writing or text weight paper gives an air of subtleness and refinement. On your thicker and heavier stocks as well as laminated, layered or pasted sheets the Edge Color beautifully coordinates with the printed surface.

The individuality of each sheet authenticates the skilled craftsmanship of “Edge Coloring”

Small orders require 3-5 working days. Rushes, including same day, are available for an additional charge.


  • We must work with the finished size sheet when Edge Coloring.
  • We must have a clean, smooth, dust free edge.
  • We can apply gold, silver or any PMS color.
  • Coated papers require special handling. Please inquire first.
  • Items furnished to us which have been die cut, require special handling. Please inquire first.
  • For coloring the deckle edge we have numerous colors in stock or we can match any PMS color.