Laminating, layering or pasting is the process of taking multiple sheets of paper or card stock and “pasting” them together. Today’s appealing and trendy look is the “heavy” or “thick” paper used largely in the wedding and announcement industry. Nowadays, popular announcements, invitations, etc. can be anywhere from double thick cover stock up to 1/6″ or even thicker. Most paper mills don’t make a sheet that heavy so in order to achieve this thickness we at Exclusive Bordering Company can laminate or paste several pieces together to attain your desired thickness. Depending on the final selected appearance, there are several options to choose from when deciding your laminating possibilities.

First, choose a sheet to be used as the top sheet. Will this sheet be letterpress printed? Engraved? Offset printed or thermographed? Care should be used to choose a sheet that will best compliment the printing process.

laminated paper
Laminated Paper

Now, do you want the bottom sheet to match (be the same) as the top sheet or are you trying to achieve a duo tone or duplex look? Also, will the bottom sheet be printed as well? If so, the same care should be given when selecting the bottom sheet as well as the top sheet.

Next, how thick do you want this piece to be? If two sheets of cover stock pasted together is sufficient then all that is needed is to final trim the piece and decide on an edge treatment (if necessary).

However, if a much thicker piece is desired we can “sandwich” in between the top and bottom sheets, a filler sheet if needed. This can be more of the same paper as the top sheet so when we final trim or bevel the edge, the entire sheet will look like it is all one, heavy, ultra thick board.

Layered Contour
Paper Layering

Or, you can choose less expensive chipboard as a filler sheet. This is a very popular option but remember, once you final trim or bevel the edge you visually see the unattractive edge of the chipboard, sandwiched in between, all the way around. To overcome this we can dress this up and color the edge using metallic gold, silver, glitter or any PMS color of your choosing.

Finally, another advantage when laminating, pasting, or layering is that you can pre print the top and/or bottom sheets before pasting and once pasted together, gives the impression of one ultra heavy card that was printed on one (or both) sides.

The individuality of each piece authenticates the skill and craftsmanship of “Laminating, Layering & Pasting”

Small orders require 3-5 working days. Rushes, including same day, are available for an additional charge.


  • The sheets to be laminated, layered or pasted must be larger than the final trimmed size.
  • The beauty of letterpress or engraving is the “bruising” on the back of the sheet. The downside is that you can’t print the front and back of a sheet. With pasting you can print one sheet for the front, one sheet for the back and then paste them together or add a filler sheet in between.